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Why a High Quality Fibre Broadband is Necessary for Cloud Computing | High Quality Fibre Broadband

Why a High-Quality Fibre Broadband is Necessary for Cloud Computing

  • by : Rachel Green
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Cloud computing has become the byword for both business and entertainment these days. Whether you watch a movie on Netflix or access your software for business purposes, you do not need to search for it on your local computer anymore. Instead, you can access it on the internet. Cloud computing refers to the technology of storing and retrieving programs and data over the internet rather than doing so with the hard drive of a computer. What it means for businesses and its clients is that both can use the software or services without the need to maintain, run or build in-house servers. Thus, the phrase “cloud computing” can be further broken down into “computing over the internet”. How Does Cloud Computing Work? Cloud computing comprises the front-end and the back-end. While the users interact with the former, the latter powers the interface which is visible at the front-end. The back-end is capable of performing about 10 trillion computations in one second. Also, cloud computing involves three core layers: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). These are the three vital layers of services. IaaS facilitates the access to computer power and storage by means of a web-enabled system. Some examples of IaaS include Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. PaaS provides the developers with the necessary tools to host or build web applications. SaaS serves as a conduit for an easy access to applications from different client devices. Usually, it uses a web browser or a client interface to do so. Why Is A High Quality Fibre Broadband Is Necessary For Cloud Computing? It is nearly impossible on the part of cloud computing to function efficiently without a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Other than sufficient bandwidth, a high speed and reliability are the other two requisites for easy distribution of resources from one computer to the other. Reach out to Trust Telecom for quality fibre broadband to meet your business requirements related to cloud computing.

28 Aug