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Simple Steps to Keep Your Telephone Costs Down | Cheap Business Telephone Lines Rental

Simple Steps to Keep Your Telephone Costs Down | Cheap Business Telephone Lines Rental

  • by : Rachel Green
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If you are running a small business, telephony costs can have a huge impact on your business outcomes. Considering the fact that businesses tend to rely on the telephone despite ground-breaking breakthroughs in digital technologies, keeping the costs of your telephony down can go a long way toward boosting your profit.

If you wish to keep a tight leash on your telephone bills, spend a little time in analysing the simple steps given below.

Know Your Contracts
More often than not, the majority of subscribers to a telephone connection tend to overlook this step. On your part, you should know what you are committed to. While some telephone providers necessitate it that the subscribers should serve a month’s notice for terminating the contract, there are also those providers which allow it annually.

It is imperative that you know the clauses of termination in your contract. Prepare a list of those clauses to avoid the last-minute hassles. Alongside cheap business telephone lines rental, some companies also provide broadband services as an add-on feature. If you have subscribed to such a package, take the broadband services into account. The checklist should include landlines, mobiles, conference circuits and broadband lines or ISDN lines.

Segment Your Costs
You need not direct your telephone traffic to a single network. Here, you have the choice to send your traffic to different networks: you can choose one for mobiles, one for domestic landlines and one for international locations. Classify your costs to find out the type of connection you are paying for. Divide it into various segments like line rental, calls to mobiles, international calls, conference calls and calls between employees.

Add up Your Costs
This is a simple step. After breaking down the calls into different categories, find out what amount of money you are spending on those categories over a month or a quarterly period. Consider breaking the costs on a per line basis for rentals and per minute basis for calls. This will help you figure out whether or not you are getting cheap business telephone lines rental, as committed by your service provider when you had subscribed to their services.

Plan Your Move
After performing the above steps, you are good to go for the final one. To better understand what course of action you should take, all you need to do is answer a simple question: do your savings outweigh the fees?

If your answer is “No”, there is no point in terminating the contract. However, if the answer is “Yes”, it makes sense to buy out of the contract.

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