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Should You Choose ADSL or Fibre Broadband for Your Business? Business Fibre Broadband

Should You Choose ADSL or Fibre Broadband for Your Business?

  • by : Rachel Green
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For business use, the potential speed of standard broadband differs from that of fibre broadband. Owing to the variation in the speed of both the forms of broadband, there is also a difference between their prices. Read on to find out the difference between the two of them and the best advice on which one is ideal for your business. ADSL Broadband It is generally believed that the standard broadband, also known as ADSL broadband, has the capacity to deliver data speeds of up to 17 Mbps. That said, the real-time speed may be much lower than that, though. In the UK, its speed ranges roughly from 7 to 8 Mbps. You can find out the maximum speed in your area using speed checker software available on the internet. In terms of availability, ADSL is easily available in comparison to fibre broadband. This is because it is based on the current phone and business broadband connections. Also, it is cheaper than business fibre broadband and usually comes with affordable packages. Fibre Broadband Fibre broadband has a much higher speed compared to ADSL broadband. Not only does it deliver a top speed of up to 50 Mbps throughout the UK, it does so with an amazing consistency. This can be attributed to its fast data transfer by virtue of a particular kind of fibre-optic cables which run under the ground. Fibre optic cables send signals at a higher speed than the copper lines on which ADSL broadband is based. Which is The Right Choice for Your Business? On pen and paper, it is obvious that fibre broadband seems smarter and better than ADSL broadband. However, it boils down to the business purposes for which fibre broadband will be utilised.  And on this front, you need to spend some time weighing up the pros and cons of both the forms of broadband before finalising your decision. Because business fibre broadband comes at a much higher price than standard business broadband, the best way to determine whether you should get a fibre broadband is to figure out what you are going to use your business internet connection for. If your requirement is to just send a few emails, ADSL broadband can do the job for you. However, fibre broadband is a must if several employees need to work together on a stuff that involves web-based software, online payments or a greater bandwidth. Worried about the rising costs of fibre broadband? No worries. Trust Telecom has affordable packages to help meet your business requirements. Contact us now!

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