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Knowing About The Reasons That Affect The Broadband Speed

  • by : Rachel Green
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Having an internet connection used to be a luxury even a few years back but not anymore. Today, it is considered to be one of the basic needs a civilization cannot do without. Though a lot of people will consider this to be an extreme perspective, the importance and growing requirement for fast, secure, and stable internet connection cannot be ignored. A lot of people use the traditional internet connection because the alternative is business fibre broadband or fibre broadband connection which is quite expensive.

Knowing About And Understanding The Reasons – If you are frustrated and getting irritated with the slow speed and other problems with your internet connection, and thinking about choosing the fibre-based option, then it is time to gather more information on the subject. For instance, knowing about the reasons behind the slowness of the internet connection can prove to be motivation enough that will finally help you decide. The points you need to know about are:

Broadband Connection Type – One of the most important factors that affect the speed of your internet connection is the type of broadband you are using. The available connections can be divided based on a number of criteria such as the price of the package, service provider, number of users, materials used and so on. The most important one will be the material used and based on that, internet connections can be divided into two types – the traditional copper cable-based connection and the fibre optics-based connection. It is a well-known fact that the traditional connection is way slower than the fibre-based connection. So, if you have a traditional internet connection, then your internet will be slow.

The Place You Live In – When it comes to the traditional internet connection, the distance between an establishment and the closest service box plays a huge role in the speed of the connection. This is not an issue though when it comes to fibre-based broadband connection.

Service Provider – The service provider you choose will influence the speed of your internet connection too. So, it is important to gather information and then compare the advertised speed and actual speed. This will be a nice way to know whether the service provider is worth choosing or not. Additionally, the quality of the equipment used in the process is also quite important in determining the speed of the internet connection you get to enjoy.

The Home Set Up – This is another point which is vital in affecting the speed of the internet connection but is often overlooked. In the traditional internet connection, how the connection has been set up in your home and the type of router you use influence the speed of the internet connection. Larger the area and more the number of walls, the connection starts to get weaker. With fibre broadband connection though, you do not need to worry about such issues at all.

Network Congestion – The number of people accessing the internet at the same time influences the speed of the internet connection. It is known as network congestion. It is also one of the primary reasons behind the frustration people experience due to slow internet speed. Though the fibre broadband connection does not get affected much by network congestion, the number of devices and people using the connection at the same time, do influence the speed a little.

To deal with such a problem, it is very much possible that you would like to go for the fastest and most expensive package but such a connection can get disrupted too. So, it will be better to go for a connection that is reliable, secure, stable, and well-known for its fast speed. Choosing business fibre broadband will be a wise step especially for your business.

13 Feb