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Fibre-Based Broadband Connection Is Crucial For The Success Of A Business In 2019

  • by : Rachel Green
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Survival is one of the most important things for any business, apart from earning a profit. The above-mentioned statement may seem a little confusing and downright cold but it is the truth. Earning profit, achieving goals, and gaining success will matter only when the business keeps on living. It may seem like a simple enough task but a large number of businesses being shut down every year, proves otherwise. Notwithstanding the size, every business count surviving a year as an accomplishment and then get ready for the new year. 2019 is not going to be any different. One of the best ways of preparing for a new year will be adapting and employing the latest trends and it is true for business fibre broadband connection as well.

The Premise – Having a fast and high-quality internet connection is the demand of the day for every business. Large organisations have enough resource to invest in a high-quality fibre optics broadband connection, as it is still quite expensive. The smaller businesses though face a number of issues, including the lack of resource to invest in a fibre-based broadband connection. With the growing importance of fibre optics powered systems, smaller businesses are getting into the practice of investing in one. They are making this decision to provide a boost to the whole system and ensure continued survival for the company. Now, to keep up with the anticipated trends for 2019, your business needs to take certain steps. They are:

Evaluation Of The Office Internet Connection And Internal Network – The number of devices needing internet connection simultaneously is growing in every office, including yours. The demand for bandwidth in businesses is easily outpacing the traditional internet connections and technologies. If you are not doing it regularly, then it is high time to assess your router log to find out the truth about the bandwidth requirement in the organisation. Once you have gotten a sense of the situation, asking your service provider to accommodate your requirements or getting ready to revamp the whole system will be required.

Upgrading The Networking Equipment – While doing the analysis of different devices and their impact on the available bandwidth, you will have a clear idea about the gap happening. There are applications which will help you find out the kind of internet connection experienced by that particular device. If the result is less than optimal, then it is time to upgrade the equipment. In 2019, your priority should be upgrading the internal routers and switches. If you are upgrading to the fibre-based connection, then a complete overhaul of the system will be the necessity.

Performing Security Audit – The importance of cybersecurity and the number and types of threats towards it are growing at an alarming rate. As security is crucial for a business, you need to conduct an audit to find out the problems beforehand. The success of your security audit will depend on what you would like to keep protected from intruders. Being more specific about possible threats will increase your chance of planning the solutions and neutralise the threats effectively. The areas you need to consider as the priority when it comes to cybersecurity are:

  • Data concerning your clients
  • Sensitive information about your company
  • All the communication you are having

By ensuring security for these areas you can handle the whole situation in a helpful and controlled way.

Training Your Staff – Despite all these security measures, the whole system can come under serious threats if your employees are not up to date about the situation. Training them to handle junk emails, potential phishing, various scams and frauds, and some simple yet effective practices to increase security will prove to be quite helpful.

Planning The Transfer To Cloud – Creating a plan for secure and convenient data transfer to the cloud will be another important yet essential part of the cyber security system your business needs. If any data seems vulnerable or is not as secure as it should be, then getting it transferred to the cloud as soon as you can, is the best decision in this context. Bringing these changes at the beginning of a new year is also the smartest move.

So, it is quite clear that along with the security, your organisation needs high-quality business fibre broadband connection to function better and attain success. It will also make getting ready for 2019 easier.

05 Feb