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Conversation with Client at Trust Telecom

  • by : Rachel Green
  • Category : Telecom Services,

Date: 20.09.17 Many customers hold wrong views about business phone lines and the cheap broadband and phone line rental offers. In order to infuse our clients with sufficient knowledge we have given a brief conversation that might help to bring better clarity of mind. It was seen that gradually customer was not interested in working with the team. Hence one of the employees of telecom team has answered as follows: “I understand, I know how do you feel, I have personally spoken with lots of customer’s who felt like that initially. I assure you, you will not regret talking to me for five minutes. In fact, it just could be the best thing you did all day, and at the end if we fail to agree to a conclusion, I assure you will take your number out of the data base” In many cases it is seen that happy clients are satisfied with the services and have some questions related to BT. Let us see what has they got to say: “I don’t want to leave BT and why can’t BT give me these rates?’’ Here’s how the expert dialler gave him advice: “I assure you, that no such physical changes will take place. You will remain on the same open reach network. The same technician and engineers will come down to service lines, when it is required. No change or compromise in quality, and guaranteed 40% reduction on your bill. BT cannot give the rates because the organisation buy minutes and lines in bulk from BT. Hence, they get huge discounts. The employees prefer that the customers should enjoy the benefits of the discounts and the remainder becomes the profit of the administration. On the contrary, companies like BT have huge overhead expenses, ultimately increases the cost of the service. BT is the largest service provider; hence reducing the cost by even a penny, for a million strong customer bases will leave them in a huge deficit in profit earned. Moreover, they have been barred by the completion commission, from lowering their prices. BT services are prompt and efficient but better than other company. When the customer is worried about the BT service provider then the caller tries to console the customer. He delicately handles with care and says, “You have nothing to worry about us, as there are no physical charges and you will remain under the same BT open reach network, hence receiving same quality services. Moreover, we have a huge customer base and we pay BT for our customers. Hence, you will be part of an Elite club”. There are customers who are entirely oblivious of Trust Telecom. Our expert team has handled very dexterously and never failed to impress them. Of course the organisation does not believe in exaggerations and dishonest approach, in spite of convincing our employees we give time to take the decisions. Moreover we do not give that chance to mistrust us or hold any wrong opinion that might ruin the reputation of the company in the industry. Here’s how he answered back the customer: “That right, because we do not advertise. We look at the advertisement as an overhead expense, which in long run finds its way to our customer’s pocket. Instead we focus on keeping our prices low, so that we can continue to give you the lowest possible tariff in the UK. In many cases it has been observed that in customers creating obstruction and not taking further the business because they need to discuss with their partners. Our team cooperates and understands how vital it is for you to consult with your partner. As they cannot discuss with all the partners or co-owners, what they do is talk with one of the co-owners and take the authorization, process the application and send the contract papers with the welcome pack that contains all information regarding rates, tariffs and terms and conditions. So the customers along with their partners can go through it. After going through it if either the customers or their partner do not like it, just let the entire telecom department know and the rest will cancel everything and the customer can remain a BT user. So remain the consistency and add any proposal that brings savings which is welcomed by all partners. So, you have many loopholes but that does not stop you from evolving in the market because Trust Telecom is such an organisation that never fails to please their customers. It has number of benefits but if the industry has some loopholes then the entire team can modify the rules and regulations that needs constantly addressed. Uniplus comes up with various cheap broadband and phone line rental offers that attract potential customers and help to build business phone lines along with upgraded technological systems for communication.

22 Sep