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5 Benefits of a business phone line over a domestic line

  • by : Rachel Green
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Some small business owners think it is reasonable to use a domestic phone line for making business calls. However, there are a number of advantages of using a business phone line for the purpose. So, what advantages do business phone lines offer over a domestic phone line? Read on to find out the answer to this question.

1. Cheaper packages

When it comes to making cheaper business calls, business phone subscription packages offer more value for money in comparison to a domestic phone line. Plus, when you consider that you are more likely to receive a higher volume of calls for your business than domestic purposes, it makes becomes clear why opting for a dedicated business line makes more sense. Keeping in mind the higher usage, providers provide cost-effective packages that are specifically tailored for business purposes.

2. More options

Because business phone lines are designed for small businesses, you can subscribe to certain additional features in your overall package that may include one or more or all of the following features: • Capped call charges • 3-way calling • Call diversion, call display and call waiting • Call management systems • Anonymous caller reject

3. Tax deductions

In order to raise the revenue for their business, small business owners can deduct costs from utilities like business telephone lines and business call charges. In case of a domestic line, it becomes a tedious job to differentiate between calls for personal use and for business purposes due to which, you might not be able to reap the benefits of tax deductions in the desired manner.

4. Trustworthiness

For small businesses with a fixed address, a dedicated telephone line with a functional number is an important requisite for reflecting a professional, committed and trustworthy image to its clients. No matter whether a business deals with a product or a service, this holds true for all businesses. If you use a domestic telephone line for business purposes, chances are your family members may start receiving your business calls which can have a negative effect on the professional image of your business.

5. Healthy work/life balance

Both small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle alike when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance between their professional life and personal life. And not having a dedicated telephone line for one’s professional and personal needs can make the matter all the more complicated. A separate business telephone connection can help resolve this issue by letting one emphasize on one’s work during the working hours. If you are still not sure how a dedicated business phone line could simplify matters for you, do not hesitate to speak to us!
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