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5 Ways AI in the Telecom Industry is Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

  • by : Rachel Green
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Artificial Intelligence is not only in the telecom industry indicates a dramatic shift in the manner of interaction between companies and their customers. The use of AI to boost operations of the service providers and enhance interactions has become one of the happening applications today. By 2020, Gartner Research says that at least 85% of customers will interact digitally without human interference.

In addition, the indulgence of AI in the telecom industry is a major game-changer. There are ample ways in which the changes are coming about. Ensuring a personalized customer experience will allow the operators to perform and deliver with efficiency.

Changes with AI in the Telecom Industry

Automation even in the intricate areas of operations ensure optimized functionality and delivery. However, here are the five ways in which service providers will enhance customer experience with AI.

  1. Chatbots

Their use and utility are spread across industries besides just the telecom domain. With Artificial Intelligence, the ROI and chatbot benefits become scalable. This points at the fewer customer calls which is a clear indication of successful cost savings ensuring smoother experience on the customer’s end. When customers don’t have to wait in the call queue to get the assistance they seek, this assures satisfaction and convenience.

Moreover, sharpening the chatbots into humane bots is necessary since customers prefer to discuss their grievances and requirements with a human on the other end. And with AI in the telecom industry, the challenge becomes very easy.

The concept of Cortana, Siri, etc, if applied here, industry expenses reduce largely thereby bringing in subscribers and more customers. Employing thoughtful perfection in any field uplifts the quality which matters the most.

  • Voice Recognition/ Assistants

A step further from text-based chatbots is voice assistance. The now very human-like smartphone assistance, for instance, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Alexa, is sure to remind you of important alerts and even fix an appointment in an entirely human voice.

However, voice recognition assistance also is a part of it. Apps incorporate the voice aspect for payments as well as security checking. AI integration into the telecom sector will boost interaction with customers largely.

Furthermore, with talk-back assistance that sounds absolutely human has the potential to win over visitors and customers. Not just that, the answers have to be related to the question that the individual made. In this way, the company cost expense reduces thereby maximizing the profits.

  • Real-time Offers and Upsells

Both revenue and customer satisfaction are easy for AI to transform. The greatest and most valuable asset which the operator or service provider possesses is customer data. And Artificial Intelligence can provide valuable and relevant insights into each customer’s usage and experience.

In addition, AI helps to serve in a way that the service accommodates the user’s individual requirements. For instance, a person travelling frequently for business purposes is bent upon using his/her smartphones for attending calls and interacting via mails. AI could lend him/her a plan that suits them better by changing the customer’s plan.

  • Eliminate Customer Churn

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the telecom industry concentrates on customer satisfaction through a wholesome experience. Personalizing becomes key here in order to serve each individual the way they want and that which suits their conditions. From onboarding, pre-sales to query management, AI opens the doors to co-create innovative services with customers for delivering a deeper and accurate degree of personalization.

  • Network Anomaly Detection

With AI in the telecom industry, errors and network outrage becomes easy to detect. Thereby, it invites the fix quickly. In the case of an issue with the network or service loss, the providers automatically send a notification to inform the customers of the plight. Not just that, the customers receive alerts even when connection restores thereby delivering real-time updates.

It is this type that welcomes a healthier and personalized relationship with the customer reducing churns.

Network service providers are working to embrace this opportunity to perfect their services. Efficiency is possible only when the performance quality doesn’t distort with lowering expenses. But, with AI in the telecom industry, the customer interaction quality refines and elevates to smoothen up thereby reducing the expenses largely. This serves both the customers and the company requirements equally.

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