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5 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Broadband Speed Test | High Quality Fibre Broadband

5 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Broadband Speed Test | High Quality Fibre Broadband

  • by : Rachel Green
  • Category : High Quality Fibre Broadband,

A broadband speed test serves as a useful tool to gauge the upload and download speeds of your broadband connection. No matter whether you are using an ADSL or Fibre Broadband, slowness of speed is one of the commonest issues which most subscribers to a broadband connection face. Based on the results of the speed test you can determine whether or not you have high quality fibre broadband or ADSL connection. There are also a host of other reasons why you should do it. These reasons are discussed below.

  1. Check The Speed of Your Broadband
If you have subscribed to a high quality fibre broadband, there is a good reason why you would expect to zoom across cyberspace. As long as you are able to comfortable chug along, you would not complain but things might start to fall apart when your internet crawls at a snail’s space. By virtue of a broadband speed test, you will come to know how long will a file take to download, what quality video you can stream, and of course how many people can use the connection simultaneously.
  1. To Ensure You That You Are Getting The Value for Your Money
If you are using a broadband connection, chances are your provider has already apprised you of the speed you are entitled to depending on your subscription to a particular package. Chances are you might not get the speed as advertised by your provider. However, it does not mean paying for a download speed of 30Mbps when you are only getting a speed of 3Mbps consistently. How would you establish what speed you are getting from the provider? Obviously, by doing a speed test. In case you happen to pay the charges for a particular speed throttle without getting it, you can either sort out the issue or cancel your contract.
  1. To Troubleshoot Issues Related to Speed
There can be several reasons for the slowness of the speed of your broadband connection. If you are able to access the internet at top speed on the desktop but not on the laptop over Wi-Fi, it means the broadband speed is fine but there could be an issue either with the laptop or with the router. Similarly, if the internet speed is good in the kitchen by slow in the living room, something might be interfering with the signal. Testing the speed of your broadband is an ideal way to bring such issues to light which would otherwise not come to your notice.
  1. To Decide on Whether You Should Go for a New Broadband Package
You may be happy with the speed that you are getting from your provider but what if another provider provides more speed at the same package or what if another provider provides the same speed at a cheaper price? Sounds great, isn’t it? When you conduct a speed test of your broadband connection, you come to know whether or not you have got a fair deal from your provider.
  1. To Determine The Best Time to Download During The Daytime
The speed of a broadband may vary depending upon the volume of users. It is normal to get slower speeds during peak hours, whereas you would get top speeds at night. Again, during the weekends, family members get together and use the internet extensively to stream videos, surf the internet or perform other tasks using the internet. Speed tests serve as an effective tool to gain an insight into the time of the day when the speed is high or low. You can work out a plan of using the internet for uploading, downloading or streaming in accordance with it.

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