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5 Advantages of Using Fibre Optics | High Quality Fibre Broadband

5 Advantages of Using Fibre Optics | High Quality Fibre Broadband

  • by : Rachel Green
  • Category : High Quality Fibre Broadband,

ADSL used to be the popular choice in the past; however, fibre optic broadband has replaced it currently in terms of popularity. In fact, it is being touted as the future of faster access to the internet by the experts. Notwithstanding the limitations of standard ADSL broadband, fibre broadband comes across with a number of advantages. There has been a sharp rise in the demand for high quality fibre broadband in the last few years due to the following reasons.

  1. Faster Transmission
The comparison between the speeds of fibre optics and copper wire translates to the comparison between the speeds of photons and that of electrons. The speed of the former comes very close to that of light. That is to say, fibre optics blows copper wire in terms of speed.
  1. Lesser Attenuation
Low attenuation refers to a lesser signal loss while travelling long distances. While power loss limits the transmission of copper wire to a maximum distance of 9,328 ft at maximum, which means the fibre cables can easily travel up to 24.8 miles, which means fibre optics rules the roost on this parameter too
  1. Not Affected by Electromagnetic Interference
Copper is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that they are installed properly otherwise it might produce electromagnetic currents due to which the entire network of cable wires, connected with one another, may get seriously damaged. This does not happen with fibre cables as they do not allow electricity to pass through them.
  1. Does Not Catch Fire
Because fibre cables do not conduct electricity, there is no way that it can catch fire. On the other hand, there is always a risk of fire hazards with copper wires as they are the good conductors of electricity. Improper wiring of copper wires increases the risk of such hazards.
  1. Does Not Break
With fibre cables, you can rest assured that you would not need replacement in a few days or months. This can be attributed to the fact that it primarily made of glass which is considered as a poor conductor of electricity. On the other hand, copper wires can get damaged at any time without a prior indication, meaning that you might have to look for replacement more frequently. So, there you go – the above reasons make it clear why the high quality fibre broadband is fast replacing copper wires as the preferred form of broadband connection among users who look for a seamless experience of performing various tasks using the internet.

23 Feb