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4 Ways to Improve Broadband Internet Speed

  • by : Rachel Green
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The sudden drop on the fibre broadband internet is frustrating as it ruins work. Now, people may have deadlines to meet. Or, may have some file to download urgently. Would sitting idly make it any better? Waiting for the connection to come back is unproductive too. So, attempting to recover the lost connection is the best one can do. Here are ways to improve broadband internet speed. Try them to turn them into a super speed fibre broadband.

Moreover, this article focuses on broadband internet speed specifically and not Wi-Fi. So, the solutions are to fix the connection from the service provider to the system or device directly.

Things to Check and Test before Restoring Super Speed Fibre Broadband Network

In order to improve broadband internet speed, there are some basics that one must evaluate.

First, it is important to note the speed of ADSL broadband. Actually, the type which most possess in the UK is widely dependent on how far one resides from the local exchange. So, the farther you live, the slower it reaches. The cable length determines the distance. And these cables convey data and follow the road layout. So, there exists no direct distance.

Furthermore, if there is something wrong with the broadband internet connection and is running slow, the super speed Wi-Fi doesn’t help. The incoming broadband speed limits the performance. So, that’s the principal aspect that needs fixing.

In addition, it is best if you check the internet speed before anything else. Know about the network and then begin attempting the steps.

4 Ways on how to Improve Broadband Internet Speed

When this speed slows down, every task suffers. Waiting for the network to go strong again won’t be beneficial as it depends upon different factors. However, for a super speed fibre broadband, follow the steps:

Check another Device

Firstly, it is important to check for immediate issues that you can resolve. The problems can lie there itself that is triggering elsewhere.

So, check if this is the case even in your laptop and tablet as well. Try to load the same page on different devices and check if they slow down. If you find that it is only one device that creates the trouble and the rest of them work fine, it is clear that the broadband internet service is free of issues.

Restart the Router

After you have ruled out the first and basic problem, that is, to check if the fault lies with the devices or the connection, check the router.

Turn the router off and leave it at that for some time. If the power button is not present, carefully pull the power cable from the unit’s back and switch back in after a few moments. The best solution, at times, is to turn it off and then again on.

Rebooting lends the router some time to fix itself. And people have found that mostly, it is the router that creates the nuisance.

Check the Broadband provider’s service Status

To improve broadband internet speed, it is vital to check the internet provider’s service status. At times, if the subscriber forgets about the monthly refill, the network delivery stops. And this may create a hassle making the user restless in hunting for solutions. Hence, the evaluation of the basics become a necessity.

Therefore, contacting the broadband internet service provider can solve the problem. Also, this lets you know the current issue with the network if any.

Diagnose and Upgrade the router

If the ISP or line is perfect and doesn’t have any problem, the router may be the issue. An upgrade of the router’s firmware is necessary. Visit the router’s website and proceed to update with the help of the detailed guide.

So, in case the internet at home is slowing down and hindering your task, these measures are sure to treat your concerns. These are effective ways to improve broadband internet speed. So, attempts these to make the most out of the super speed fibre broadband network and skyrocket your tasks.

18 Feb