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4 Reasons Why a Dedicated Telephone Line Matters for Businesses

4 Reasons Why a Dedicated Telephone Line Matters for Businesses

  • by : Rachel Green
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The extensive use of telephones for business communication may look a little unusual from the outset, especially in the current digital age. However, there is a host of benefits linked to a separate phone number for business purposes. Here are the reasons that highlight the importance of subscribing to a business phone number, despite a business broadband connection. Professional Outlook While most start-up entrepreneurs prefer using a cell phone number to stay connected to their clients, one of the downsides of doing it is that they are required to share their cell phone number with both existing and potential clients in order to keep in touch with them. A dedicated business phone line serves as an easy solution to this problem. Better yet, such connections also offer the option to forward an important call to a smartphone. This makes it a highly reliable option for a business. Important Calls A client can make a business call at any time during the office hours. So, what do you do when you get such a call on your landline number dedicated to your business when you are not available in office? No worries. Business telephone lines come with a smart call forwarding feature these days which translates into the ability to stay connected on a smartphone without the need to reveal your personal cell phone number. Also, it provides the option to set up a specific phone number for a particular department so that staff members of a business organisation are able to receive business calls on the go without any hassle. Customer Service A dedicated business phone line reflects the professional image of a company to its customers or clients. Regardless of whether it deals with a product or a service, the both the existing as well as potential customers or clients appreciate it when they are able to speak directly to the concerned persons of a business during the office hours as and when they feel the need to do so. Clearer Calls At times, the signal of a cell phone network may not work in the desired manner. As a result, it may keep you from attending important calls. The inability to do so can amount to a huge loss at the subsequent stages. Such problems reduce exponentially when a dedicated business telephone is used instead of a cell phone number. So, are you ready to take the next step for enjoying the benefits of cheaper business calls? Get in touch with us now!

24 Jul