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Know the reasons why the use of fibre broadband is on the rise at workplaces these days.

4 Benefits of Fibre Broadband Connection

  • by : Rachel Green
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On business days, a plethora of activities go on at a workplace – checking emails, downloading documents, sending files, visiting a number of websites, attending conference calls – the list goes on and on. What is common among those activities? The use of the internet, of course.

Notwithstanding the location or niche, most jobholders use the internet to carry out their business operations. When certain other factors like the evolving behaviour of consumers and employees are also taken into account, it becomes clear why a high quality fibre broadband is a need of the hour for every company at present. Most businesses opt for fibre broadband due to the following four reasons.


Be it sending emails, sending files or any other activity involving the internet, a speed as fast as 100Gbps means that employees can carry out these activities at a peerless pace. On the other hand, a slow speed can amount to many potential losses, especially for online businesses. For instance, consider the website of Amazon experiencing a slowdown in loading a page. It can cost the company billions of dollars every year. Thus, fibre broadband is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing a broadband connection based on speed.


Speed aside, unlimited broadband is another important feature of the fibre broadband. This ensures that the speed would not get affected despite the rise in the volume of data consumption at any point in time. Thus, fibre broadband is scalable.


A fibre broadband connection is more dedicated and secure in comparison to the other alternatives. The security of a business network is important to prevent the hackers and other intruding elements from getting into the server. Thus, a fibre broadband connection is the sure-fire way to prevent the possibility of hacking, virus attack or the transmission of malware and other potentially unwanted programs on a business network.


Though the installation of fibre optics needs an up-front investment, it pays dividends in the long run. The top-notch speed of this form of broadband connection benefits a business in two ways – it not only boosts productivity but also promotes efficiency. Further, fibre optics are cheaper to maintain in comparison to the other forms of broadband connection. Thus, a high quality fibre broadband saves both time and money.

Lastly, the best part about fibre optics is that it allows a company to move its information technology infrastructure to a remote server with ease. Consequently, it amounts to a considerable reduction in monthly power bills due to the removal of physical barriers. The move also allows a company to outsource the job of managing the servers, thereby saving a significant amount of money for a company.

16 Feb